What are configurations?

In the Teams management console, you can think of a configuration as a pre-configured set of favorites and options for deployment for a group of users. A configuration has a unique license key that pulls down the defined favorites and settings when activated. This license key can also be specified during installation so when a user launches ExpanDrive for the first time they are fully configured.

Each configuration contains a set of drives, app settings, and license settings. You create your configuration in the panel and when you're ready, you can publish the configuration so that it becomes lives. Devices that area already activated using the configuration's license key will receive the new configuration automatically.

Drive Settings

For each drive in the list of drives you can set all the standard options you would as if you were configuring with the client on a regular machine. In addition there is the Defer Authentication option which lets a drive mount even if the user has never authenticated with the storage service they are connecting to. In this case below, a user will have a drive mapping to Sharepoint visible on their machine even if they haven't authenticated with Microsoft. When they go to use the drive the first time, an authentication dialog will pop up prompting them to authenticate with Microsoft.

App Settings

The app settings tab lets you configure a variety of application-level options that get pushed to the end user. For OneDrive/Sharepoint configurations we offer a special option that attempts single sign-on, where available. Under domain hint, put the domain of the end-user's email address that will be authenticating. For instance, if your organization was, and you had SSO set up with ADFS you'd set as your domain hint.

License Settings

Current there are two global license settings. Managed connections, when enabled, prevents a user from adding or removing drives and managed settings disallows a user from changing any of the settings you have pre-configured.

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