Command-line interface options for ExpanDrive

exfs can also be controlled via the command-line. On windows, you need to be an admin user in order to mount drives.

 $ exfs --help 

ExpanDrive 7.5.2
ExpanDrive [OPTION...]

--help                  Print help
--config                Launch web-based user-interface
--list                  List all configured connections
--foreground            Keep exfs in the foreground
--sync                  Enable sync write operations
--register license_key  Install license key
--trial email           Request 7 day trial license
--mount drive_name      Mount a drive
--unmount drive_name    Unmount a drive
--unmount-all           Unmount all drives

Most options are self explanatory, except perhaps sync. Since exfs runs unattended, it is not always desirable to have filesystem operations complete in the background, since if there is an error condition there is no good way to report it to the user. The sync option makes it such that operations like delete, rename, and write don't complete until they've been propagated out to remote storage. This can often be what is necessary for an application, but is generally much slower since there is no opportunity to aggregate and parallelize multiple requests.

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